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How long does Fiverr take to restart system?


Lately I have no data about graph of Gigs ( no view , no click, no impr, nothing…). Some people say that Fiverr is restarting the system, I have no idea about it, So how long it take to restart system often? and if someone order my gigs, does it work?



I have the same issue! Its the 5th day without any informations on impressions,clicks,views. I had an order yesterday, which was shown on the orders graph, but all other is bugged or something I guess.


Reply to @aron66: yep! thanks aron66, we have to wait , nothing can do :slight_smile:


Reply to @manlees: Its fixed by now. :slight_smile:


yeah! I’m so happy to hear that!

have a nice day and good luck aron66! :wink: