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How long does funds take to reach in your PayPal account after withdrawal initiation?


Before it only took a few minutes but I noticed today that it’s taking an extra long time for my withdrawn funds to reach in my PayPal account. Is this something new?


Few minutes to me all the time. Maximum 20m.


How long did it take for you? I have been waiting 30 minutes now and still nothing


Having the same issue here. More than 3 hours since I requested it today.


Right, it has been an hour or more now, normally takes less than 3 minutes.


It’s been an hour for me now as well… I wished fiverr could update their social medias when they notice a problem.


Have you received the Withdraw Confirmation email?


Yes, and it said that it will take a few moments to appear in the PP account. Normally this happens in seconds.


Same here … what can I do now I didn’t understand


Yes…any problem when clicking the confirmation link? Because when there was a 20 minutes delay for me, the confirmation page gave me an error message…just to check.


I am having the same issue. I received an email that said my withdrawal was successful, but there are no funds in my PayPal account. I am going on 90 minutes now


It’s been over 30 minutes and I still don’t see my funds in PayPal. :confused:

Perhaps it’s because there has been an update. To be able to transfer funds, I need to type in a passcode that’s sent to my phone.

I also got an automated email that said it could take up to a few days for the funds to show up…

My earnings would show up in my PayPal account immediately in the past.


Well guys…this problem of a 20 min delay happened to me last night…it was the only time…

My advise is: If pass 24h, contact the support with the transaction emails and a print screen of your revenues just to help.


The email about a few days is something I also received yesterday, but my funds showed up immediately in PayPal. Not sure what’s up but it is very concerning


I just want fiverr to say something about it being an issue and that it can take longer then usual. My account has been hacked before so I’m super worried. Can we get some answers?


If everyone is having this same issue then it is 100% sure a bug.


Btw now it have passed 4 hours since I requested.


You’re probably right. Thanks for keeping calm :slight_smile: Haha, I’m about to break apart here. Will check in tomorrow instead. No point of sitting refreshing the windows over here…

Money not arriving when we withdraw

Yes, I was worried same as you do. But when I see this thread then I know that is a bug because it is not only for me. Now we need to hope that fiverr fix this bug.


Relax…Fiverr never let us down.