How long does it normally take for a video to process?


I created a video to promote a gig, uploaded it this past Tuesday and today is Thursday. Still says video processing. What gives? :-<


I never waited more than 24 hours maybe try converting the video into another file and sending it again


Reply to @matt_garry: Thanks. I’ve tried both mp4 and avi format, both with the same result. The video just sits processing for more than 24 hours. Do I personally HAVE to appear in the video? The 30 second clip I’m trying to upload includes graphics and music, not me narrating. Is that the problem?


Reply to @bachas85:

Thanks for responding!

I suspended my gig because without the video, it’s not presented as I wish it to be. This is my first listing. By “special characters” you mean what? I removed any parentheses that were used, such as typing a number and then putting it in parentheses, like so…thirty(30). I uploaded the video again. So I’ll wait and see!


Reply to @deester66: Could you please tell me what solved you problem? I’m having a similar issue. 2 days have passed, it still says “processing video”. Please share what you did to get this resolved…


What is the deal with the processing of videos? I’m having the same issue. Exported from HD to 720…


I have the same issue too. I uploaded the video more than 24 hours ago and it still says processing. I have an image of myself but not my voice. It has music playing. The only special character I have is the dot. Should I wait or not? Thanks in advance for your answers.


any solution to this problem? i am facing the same problem


Well if you check out my profile, I do not appear in any of my videos. But they are approved. Also I never had to wait for more than a day to get them processed. Maybe you can try sending an email to the support?


Normally, Video should’t take more than 24 hours to appear on your gig and anything beyond that is an issue, May be you will have to call the attention of the admin to it for a tip on why it is so.


I added one video and is still processing. Tell me will it be on first post in gallery like cover or it will be behind images if I have them?


I found this out just recently. The biggest problem people have is that they forget to add music (or a soundtrack of any sort really - narration, etc.) and they also forget to put “Exclusively on FIVERR.”


I’m having this issue as well. It’s been almost 48 hours and my video is still processing. Do you really need to say Exclusively on Fiverr? I don’t see that in the current video must haves. My video is less than 15mb, around 32 seconds (I speak in the video). Can anyone help? Thanks!


This problem comes when you copy someone’s gigs description or your video is large. create your own content for description. Be original. and compress the video at . make it around max 10mb if it is 2min long. Then delete the previous gig and upload new one…it won’t show “processing video”. It will show “pending for moderation” and then may be after 2 hours your video will be active.


@bodkedd. That is mostly the case. I am new but I know that the same measure works on all freelancing platform. Awesome