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How long does it take before you can see if someone ordered your gig

I have a buyer who contacted me and we agreed on a gig of mine. He said that it was alright for me to start but I don’t see any gig ordered. Does it take time before we can see if someone orders?

Nope, it should be pretty instant. :slight_smile:

All gig orders despite what someone may say are NOT instant. They’re instant in a majority of cases but it depends on how the user has purchased a gig. I had one person order from me but I believe it was via like a transfer from their bank to their PP to Fiverr. It took over a week to process the payment, apparently.

Whether this is the case for you, may be a different situation altogether. If he said that, give it about 48+ hours to give him a chance to order(and if no order, send him a a follow-up message in a polite manner inquiring as to when the order will be placed), it’s very possible that he may have gotten distracted with a personal or business matter, or as I previously stated the time for an order to clear and actually get approved may take some time depending on how they paid.

I think it’ll be okay because I have the impression that the person I write about is new to the concept (as am I) and he doesn’t really know yet what to do. This morning he wrote me a message saying he had a certain problem and now it should be fixed. I hope this is a good one, it would start my business (first gig ordered)


I was ordered gigs by the person so everything is ok.

thanks for the information.


I have a problem. Someone Order me Few Mounts ago, But he/she dose Not start Order. Still now Order was not started. I several time text to my Buyer But that buyer dosr not reply me,.

Now what can I do???

Any idea guys???

Reply to @niloy2013: Likely you won’t hear from that buyer again. It’s best not to push the issue, just send another reminder or two in a week. If they don’t return, tough luck (had that happen to me too).

Reply to @niloy2013: Sometime such buyers do return after few months or week literally. This happen to me several time. :slight_smile:

Thanks for reply @wingle and @laughingcrow

That Buyer Order me 4 Mounts ago. I several time text him…Maybe Hi was gone. Now can anyone tell me How can I get that $

Reply to @niloy2013: If it was 4 months ago, simply go to the order, there should be an option “request cancellation” in the resolution center. Click it and fill in that you didn’t hear anything from them. Then wait 3 days for the cancellation to go through.

The money will then be returned to your Fiverr acount as credit to buy another Gig.

NO you can’t understand. I tell 1 buyer order me 4 mounts ago but still now hi dost not start his Order.


@niloy2013 You’re not going to get the money unless the buyer comes back to initiate the order. So you can either leave it as an “open” order or you can cancel it so it won’t show up anymore.