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How long does it take fiverr to review account after 2 warnings?

So basically I was notified of the first warning but not exactly what it was for? When I received the second warning and messaged the Support about it they told me that both warnings were about posting a buyer request for Spotify playlist promotion.

I was extremely confused as I see many gigs selling this so I assumed that was a normal service, I just posted buyer requests to try and get deals or a lower price, since most are fairly expensive. They then told me it violates their TOS so sell playlist promotions and asking for something that violates the TOS will result in a warning and to read through it, after reading through it I still couldn’t figure out what was wrong about playlist promotions but it’s fine, I don’t plan on posting buyer requests anymore at least not until I figure out exactly what was wrong there. Though I feel this is slightly unfair as having many gigs selling a promotion created the misunderstanding that it was allowed.

However, I am a Seller, I mix music and make instrumentals, I have over 100+ 5 star reviews, never received a bad review and on the verge of being level 2. These warnings were on the buyer side of my account and now the selling side of my account is completely restricted with all my gigs denied, and to top it off I can still make purchases so my buyer account isn’t even restricted…

I can see, I am at fault for not asking why I received the first warning and I would hope that they wouldn’t delete my account but it’s been a bit over a week and I’m just wondering if anyone has had a similar experience and on average how long would it take? This is currently my only source of income.
I would have a second account for buying to save my selling account from any problems but that’s against the terms of service to have two accounts so I would hope at least when they review they can be sort of lenient with this situation?

What are you opinions, am I completely in the wrong?


Did you post your services in Buyer Requests?

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nope, never!

I don’t offer spotify promotions, I mix and master people’s music that’s my gigs.
The spotify promotion requests I posted were to promote my music :slight_smile: I have successfully posted the buyer request twice before and used the services too, which is why I’m extra confused.

So you’re a seller posting in BR? Did i miss read this? The Buyer Request section is reserved for buyers who are looking for someone to help complete their project. Could it be your warnings came from you promotion your gig in the Buyer Request section?

  1. It’s never a good idea to rely on one stream of income, especially from a marketplace you can’t control.

  2. Follow the ToS and you don’t have to worry about things like this. When you agree to a company’s ToS and then you break those ToS, you are ALWAYS in the wrong. There are no free passes to break the rules.

Did not promote my gig in the buyer requests, I do not sell any spotify promotions (which is what I posted in the buyer request as me looking for sellers I can buy that from)

I posted in buyer requests looking for spotify promotions for my personal music.

I sell mixing and mastering of music and writing of instrumentals.

I am a student with very free time, freelancing allows me to use that free time to make money, whiles working right now would be very hard with my schedule, but you are definitely correct.

As for your second statement if you read through all my paragraphs you would understand that the buyer requests I post have gigs, which is why I am confused on how it was against their terms of service, I have even posted it twice before and received offers that I have accepted and worked with. And after asking for clarification of where it is against the terms of service they just tell me to read the entire thing to find it, and I did, and I still can’t figure it out. It was a spotify promotion I was looking for by the way, you can see many on fiverr.

Thank you for your time.

So basically you were looking for someone to resell you a Spotify promotion at a cheaper price?
I don’t work in that area so might not be very familiar with the topic but it might violate third party TOS (which is spotify)

Again in fiverr TOs it’s written that if you violate the same rule twice your account will be banned. Which looks like fiverr did according to their TOS.

You can try to reach out to them and explain that that was a buyer side not a selling side of your account but I doubt that it will help because rules are the same for everyone.


Not resell, just offer their current gigs at a lower price :slight_smile:
But you’re right, maybe selling playlist promotions is against Spotify terms of service and therefore goes against fiverr’s. Though in that case, most of the spotify gigs on fiverr right now are going against Spotify’s TOs, I’ve noticed some of the buyers I’ve saved gigs from aren’t there anymore so maybe fiverr has gradually been removing them?

I did violate the same rule twice but fiverr doesn’t tell you what you violate when they give you the first warning, which honestly I believe is sort of inefficient if they don’t want people to repeat their mistakes. I only found out what it was this time after I emailed support and waited a few days for a response. I really thought the first warning was probably an unhappy seller reported me in some kind of way but I only have good reviews so I guess that was just a paranoid way of ignoring the warning, I really should of emailed them since the first warning.


any updates on this? I need Ghostkid214 to work on a new song that we just finished.


I am facing the same Account Review case. And it’s oven then a week. I think the process might be take 10-14 Days to resolve or to re-allow seller to sell their gigs again.

Or 3 weeks or even over 2 months.

Or block their account forever.


I am just curious. I accidentally violated the do not talk to the seller outside the Fiverr community. My only comment about that is, if I hire a virtual assistant to maintain my CRM and databases, they need my login to access those. Those logins often times are my email address, so I do not know how to handle that. Can someone advise on this issue? Also, I needed to call a seller to give her clarification on how one of my databases worked. Couldn’t Fiverr setup a video or call component like Upworks so that we can have live conversations if needed?

You can share contact information if it is essential to the gig.