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How long does it take for a GIG to attract buyers

How long does it take for a GIG to attract buyers, is their any problem with my gig… I am newbie to the system I need enlightening about fiverr stuff.


Hi and welcome.

It can take hours, days, weeks and even months for a Gig to take hold and become a viable offer. Newbies often experience a quick, short blast of orders due to Fiverr’s marketing of new gigs. Then they get… nothing as their gig gets replaced by other newbies.

Fiverr is a parking space for your gig and you are an independent business operator. Test and tweak your offer. Make sure your offer is sustainable and build-able once you Level Up.

There are many great Sellers on the Forum that have written many great tips and how-tos. Here’s a few…

Thanks, a lot for your help 'm grateful.