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How long does it take for first withdrawal from Fiverr to Payoneer?

asking this on behalf of a friend who just initiated first withdrawal (which you can do once you cross 400 $s as available funds)
he has the message “withdrawal initiated” so how long does it usually take for that to turn into “withdrawal completed successfully”
thanks in advance


Hy Simi The funds will be transferred to your friends payoneer account in 7 working days. mostly it dont take more then an hour for me. but for few ppl it take a day or even two. stay calm and wait for it. and idk about any withdraw option that is specifically after the 400$ i have earned 380 yet and have drawn them successfully in 11 intervals.


Hello, please help me, I applied for withdrawal 3 days ago , and also attached Payoneer account with Fiverr, but I’m unable to withdraw my payment, there is $100+ in my Fiverr account, please tell me about this, I shall be very thankful to you. Thank you very much in advance.


Contact to fiver support…

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Once i had the same issue, it was because of my payoneer account, it had to be verified. Tho i had my money in the upcoming section at payoneer account, kindly try looking there if you can find your funds at upcoming section of payoneer then they are late due to payoneer and if you cant find it anywhere on payoneer then try contacting fiverr customer support. it would defiantly help, and if you want any other guidance, let me know, hope you the best.