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How long does it take for fiver to verify your identification?

Hello, fiver asked me to verify my identification with a passport only due to my location. I didn’t have one so I had to get one but it take long in my country so I couldn’t submit during the 14 days period. I went to the help and support center and opened a ticket, there was no reply but the status reads ‘SOLVED’, is it that they are working on it or what?


I have heard that if you fail to verify your ID within the 14 days period, Fiverr temporarily suspends your account. Did they temporarily suspend your account?

I wouldn’t be so sure. I’d probably contact them again to get a confirmation.

I think you will have to contact CS again as they’re the only people who can help you out.

Good luck! :sunny:

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Yes they suspended my account and I contacted Help and Support center. I created a ticket and sent the passport details, the ticket status reads ‘SOLVED’ but I didn’t receive any reply.

Yeah, I don’t know why they didn’t post a reply. I hope you weren’t spamming them with multiple tickets/emails.

I’d suggest that you try contacting them again. Just send them one message along with your support ticket and wait for their reply before you decide to send them another message. They can take up to 48 hours to reply.

Good luck! :sunny:

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Yeah I sent multiple messages, will that affect the reply? I didn’t get a reply for the first one within 24 hours so I sent another. Should I just wait?

But is it spam to send multiple tickets for help?

Yeah, they are not going to reply if you send them multiple messages as it will make it very confusing for them.

Sending multiple messages will substantially increase the time it takes for them to assign your ticket to a CS agent. They most probably mark them as spam and don’t reply to them.

I suggest that you wait for a couple of days and then send them JUST ONE MESSAGE and wait for up to 48 hours (two days) for their reply.


Ok, thanks you for your reply.

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OK so I have the exact same issue with my account…Temporarily suspended. How long does it take to be fixed?

Hi, was your account restored?
How long did it take?
What did you do?

My account was suspended until I got my ID in the mail. Then they let me try again. My account was back and my ID was verified.

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Thanks for your reply.
Does that mean I will need to send a mail containing my ID? In JPEG form?

What? No. I went and got an ID. They shipped it to me in the mail. Once I got it on the mail, I verified it with Fiverr.

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