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How long does it take for gigs to be noticed after vacation mode is disabled?

I turned vacation mode off a few days ago. I’ve posted a new gig and that new gig is the only one getting attention. How long until the others start seeing upward green arrows as well?

Almost immediately when ever i have used it. Be sure that they are actually live and not still in “suspended” mode once you take off vacation mode.


It says all of them are active.

@jeolson. Check other thread for this issue. Most of the thread saids, your gig will go static forever after you select vaction mode. Fiverr still didn’t solve this prob for years…

After vacation my gig is totally dead. Before vacation I got like 5-10-20 orders/day.

Support say all is ok…

I don’t even know what to do anymore…

I put my account on Vacation Mode a few weeks ago, for 7 days. Now that I’m back and everything is active again, I’m slowly getting orders but the analytics for all my Gigs show red arrows and that things are down. They’re not showing any upswing in the analytics as of yet. But I’m hoping that that’s just a glitch and I am actually getting seen by buyers! :slight_smile:

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