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How long does it take to be known in Fiverr?


Hi everyone. Like many of you, I’m also a newbie and I just wonder would it take long to be known on Fiverr? And would it that ok if I would not have any order for a few months since the day I have started? Anyway, it is really nice to see you and I hope to hear your story so that I may have more motivation as well as learn something from your valuable experience to keep going, cause sometimes I was a bit in vain.



Welcome to Fiverr and the forum. There is no single answer to your question, really. It all depends on your skill. Apart from the expertise that you have in doing whatever service you offer on Fiverr, good marketing skills and communication skills can definitely give you a huge boost.

I would suggest that you thoroughly read Fiverr’s ToS so that you are aware of all the Do’s and Don’ts of this platform. You should also explore the forum as it has hundreds of informative posts and threads that will definitely help you in your Fiverr journey.

Good luck! :four_leaf_clover:


Thanks, I’m glad that when you care my problem! I’ll guess I need to try more!