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How long does it take to become a lever 2 seller

Hello to the fiverr community. My question is simple. According to requirements to become a level 2 seller, you should have an excellent customer rating, and have over 50 orders within a 2 month period.

Well my rating is 100% and just the month of January alone I had over 60 orders. So what else do I need to do to be promoted to a level 2 seller? Thanks.

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I had same problem too. I had 65 orders in my first month and 100% positive rating. but end of the first month I was became Level 1 only. and I saw my next Level 2 stats 90% completed. I just completed 2 month toady. So I got Level 2 toady :slight_smile: I think even if you had 50 orders and other things that you need to stay 2 month on fiverr to become Level 2 Seller.

Sorry for my English.

Thank you

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