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How long does it take to get a buyer

Heyy, I just made my first gig a week ago and I’m starting to worry that its not getting enough attention. It’s has 24 impressions and that’s about it, no clicks or anything else. Is there a way I can improve it to make it get more attention?

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Did you share your gig in social media?

First, Welcome to the Fiverr community. :grinning:
I try to check your gig. But it is not shown in your profile. So, I can’t get a clear idea.
However, Sharing your gig in social media is really helpful. Because you can reach your audience on social media.
But you need to optimize your gig clearly. It must clear. Some sellers doing the wrong things. They not care about gig quality. They put title and some images and share. After telling " I haven’t any buyer" :grin: First, Research others gigs and get an idea about how it going. After adding a clear and attractive title and share your own images. I think adding video help you so much.

If you can add your own self video and explain your projects. I will attach some other valuable articles for you.

Thank you! I am in the process of adding video, heard that helps from a lot of people. :slight_smile:

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Active as much as you can. Sent buyer request daily. Share your gig on social media. Best of luck