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How long does it take to get a first gig in 2017



I’m new to fiverr and have been wondering how long it takes to get a gig. A few months ago I started with a friend and we were getting views and clicks but no orders and so we decided to just quit. I started up again now and thought why not give it a go with a bit more patience. It’s only been 2 days but I wanted to know how long should I wait until I should try edit my gig and see what is wrong. Please can someone help and if there are any problems with my gig please tell me.

Please look at others swell



No matter what year it is, it really depends on how good your gigs are.
You can get your first order within days, sometimes months.

In your case however;

“I have to proof read work on a day to day bases”

That line from your gig description alone is enough for a lot of people to avoid your gig.


What do you mean. Can you please explain.


I am aware that I’m sounding a bit mean here, but if you cannot tell I don’t think you should be offering proofreading service.
Keep in mind that “proofreading” is to find and correct mistakes in a text before it is printed or put online.
That includes spelling.


Oh thank you I did not realise . Of course basis.


…and yet you have made no changes.
I hope you are aware that “bases” is not the only mistake.


I would not offer a proofreading service if I were you.