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How long does it take to get a first sale

I’m curious on how long it takes to get a first sale on Fiverr. I have had my gig up for a couple days and still no orders, is this normal? Can someone please give me a suggestion to get my sales moving faster?

I suppose 2 days with no orders is normal. Fiverr will pimp you up for a short while with a “New Arrival!” flag so take advantage of that. As for improvements: your gig URL has nothing to do with the gig title, the gig pic has only a little to do with the gig title, you have a few misspelled words in the description. Try to offer a 1-day service (instead of 3-days) at least until you get a sale and positive feedback. The offer to mail the poster is confusing (maybe offer to mail it as an extra and just send the electronic document). Post the gig on the “My FIverr Gigs” forum. HTH. Good luck!

Thanks so much! I really appreciate it.