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How long does it take to get a response on calls logged? So frustrating

I logged a ticket after purchasing a gig with bitcoins but time expired before transaction went through cause I use a wallet that does manual transaction due to security purposes but after 2 days the ticket is still in open status. I read in the forum that if you don’t get any response after a day to just post on fiverr support on facebook or fiverr twitter. After doing so I still didn’t get any response. This is really frustrating as I have paid for a gig but haven’t received any service cause the seller did not get the request. So again how long does it take to get a call resolved or even looked at cause all I see is that the call has been assigned to a guy called Eddie but that was a day ago? My ticket number is Request #1491866 just incase anyone was wondering.

It’s been 3 days now. Still no answer and guess what now my ticket has been moved from Eddie to Hugo but still in open status and still no response from them and still unresolved and I still paid for a gig I didn’t get. So what now? Should I still smile and say customer service is great and be patient??? You be the judge :slightly_frowning_face:

Okay It’s now 5 days. I send a polite reply to the ticket logged just asking for an update. I guess I cant do anything else but wait.

Okay so finally after 9 days the money reflects in my fiverr account and I successfully placed an order. Thanks to the support guys. Even though it took 9 days I eventually got what I asked for. Thank the Lord my request was not time sensitive.