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How long does it take to get payment in paypal account after initialising it from Fiverr side

My payment got cleared on 24th May and on same day I transferred it to paypal account but I haven’t received the amount in paypal yet.
is this normal or should I talk to Fiverr support ?

In my case, it only takes 1 work day for Paypal to transfer the money to my bank account, so maybe you should talk to Paypal (but not with Fiverr).

Sorry I probably messed up with the question. What I am asking is, I initiated my withdrawal from Fiverr to paypal on 24th May but still Fiverr hasn’t send me payment on paypal.

Yeah, that’s def not normal. It takes seconds for it to happen from the moment you click ‘withdrawal’. You should contact Fiverr.

You need to click the withdrawal link in the withdrawal confirmation email Fiverr sends you.

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I am getting a email that is saying Withdrawal Sucess. this does not have any link in it.

and after some times I see the status “Withdrawal failed” on fiverr and money restored to my account.

Yes - it took me like seconds to get my money from Fiverr to Paypal last month.

“A failed status withdrawal means there is an issue with your PayPal account. Either it is not verified or PayPal has other restrictions on your PayPal’s ability to accept payments. Please contact PayPal to resolve this matter.”

Quoted from the response of CS to another seller here in the forum who had the same issue.

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