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How long does it take to get the ball rolling?

Hello everyone, I’m pretty new to Fiverr so sorry for any confusion. A week or two ago I made a gig and I got my first three sales after a few days but recently I haven’t been getting any. My question is, how long does it usually take to start getting sales more frequently after your first few and how long did it take for you? Thanks in advance for any replies. Sarkari Result Pnr Status

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Your account has been created in April, so this week.
You have no Gigs and no reviews.
Can you tell us some more?


@emrlanka Can we please stop with the copy-paste messages? This person doesn’t even have an active gig. He will not be able to see any buyer requests. Also, what will he promote on social media when he doesn’t even have an active gig?



Hello and welcome in Fiverr. There is no standar answer to that. Some sellers have orders after 1 month others after 3 days etc… It depends on many things. It took me 1 month to start having more orders but at that time i didnt know many things about Fiverr and some tips that are important. Dont worry! We have all been there. Read some topics for new sellers here/tips topics etc and you will get another order soon. Good luck

Maria S.

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Welcome to forum saviogomessg.