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How long does it take to make a vaccine?

Can you answer me someone

Usually many years. In this situation it will be sped up to hopefully 1.5 years realistically speaking. Longer if they find out the vaccines they are developing are not safe.

They have to test them on thousands of people over a period of time to make sure they are safe, and then manufacture and distribute them.

So far in the US they have only tested about 1% of our population so that needs to be increased in the meantime although nothing is being done to help that apparently.

Currently they do not even know if once someone is exposed and gets the virus if they develop enough antibodies to the virus to stop them from getting it again. Not to mention the ability of most viruses to mutate into different forms to evade antibodies. Let’s hope this one lacks that ability.


No, we are not doctors to answer that question.
And even if vaccine will be ready it’s not a “treatment”, it’s a prevention.

You know how vaccines work, right? If you get sick vaccine wouldn’t help you, it’s not a medicine like antibiotics. You will have to get a shot way before getting sick.


It takes minutes do make a vaccine.

However, it takes months or years to research it, test it, and approve it.

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well that’s taken too literally isn’t it :joy: