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How long does it take to make sales on fiveer


I wish to know how long it takes to to start making sales on fiveer… Have created 4gigs already no order. And for the pro’s on here… I would ask if my profile set up it OK? Or am I missing some thing need help!


Oh OK, and pls can you go through my profile and see if am lacking any thing? thog thanks for finding time to reply me… It means a lot thank you…


sometimes, it’s take long long time to get first order but after getting one order hope you will get more order depend on your service.


how can i post in fiverr forum ?


Thanks @whiteboardsguru


You just have to wait and find out :slight_smile:


i almost gave up, just have patience and do also promote your gig, read tips for gig promotion.


First of all i like to say that please correct your English Spellings. Even you have mistake in the title of this forum. Be careful about writing anything. You said in your profile info that you read English literature. But i can see many spelling errors, Here is i will paste your profile info.

See the errors carefully and tell how you can be a article writer if you have so many English errors. So in my opinion its very hard for you to get orders if you have profile info like this.

“Am prince, a gifted article writer and SEO expart with over 6years experience,and also a gifted astrology ,I study English literature and creative writing am proficient in writing .writing as always been my passion,cause that is what I love doing,i love helping people achieve their goals .”


haha sorry to say this but your profile was doomed from the very first moment you said you were a writer, your profile text is practically screaming “stay away from me!”

Also, your gigs are too diverse, its like you are a school boy trying to make a quick buck by spreading out your tentacles into different pools. Pick one genre and stick to it, no offense but that genre you choose should not be writing.


Thank you all for your contributions,I will surely correct ,my errors thanks!


simply put, You will not become a writer on Fiverr or any other platform for that matter.


I know that this post is so old. But i came across this and i went to the fiverr profile of this post poster.
As you can see i pointed out mistakes in his profile text and you know what he did? He copied my profile text as it is and he changed just name and pasted and replaced his profile text with my profile text. Its not good. Its not fare.
Any way i can see that he don’t have any active gigs.
Kiddish Behavior. May be CS will catch him and he will be punished.