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How long does it take to recover to Level 1

Today fiverr took my level 1 from my account as i asked for direct payement from one of my buyer. I feel so bad for this . I know its my fault i did this. But now i want to recover this. I didnt read fiverr’s rules and regulations properly. Currently i have 22 reviews . Any idea how many more reviews will be required to again gain level 1?

you have to complete 10 orders within one week, then you will get first level seller!!!

Hello @karannawain

No body know how much time it will take to recover. I have an suggestion for you. i check your profile description there your official page available and when i go to profile page i see you web link on it.

Its also against the Fiverr TOS to share any contact info,mail id, skype id, any website who showing contact any other service website. you will put only link of you sample product or services. am I Right @kjblynx

Reply to @kjblynx:

and own website too but no contact detail or contact page there. You put Fiverr anywhere on it.

Reply to @logo_desing You wrote this same answer to another person who asked how long it takes to get to Level 1 as a new seller. Please stop posting help if you are going to post inaccurate information. It takes 10 sales and 30 days to reach Level 1 as a NEW seller.

If a seller loses a level, only Fiverr can determine when or if someone will ever attain levels again. If you are just posting on the forums to get attention, posting things that you make up certainly doesn’t give you good attention for your own gigs.

Reply to @mallika255: Thanks for helping (along with others) based on information obtained from the real ToS. That is a great way to be of use to the Fiverr community.