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How long does it take to recover your account standing after a customer cancels an order?

Hi there, I have been on Fiverr selling for about 2 months. My orders increased exponentially the first month until the point where I was making quite a bit of money. This continued until I had a customer cancel an order after we agreed upon something, I fulfilled his gig and he said it wasn’t what we agreed upon, which was fair honestly looking back. My orders slowed down a little bit but they were still steady.

Then a week later I had an experience with a lady that upset me beyond belief. We agreed I would do something, I completed the work, she was happy and accepted the order, then she left me 5 stars! A week goes by and Fiverr tells me her money is refunded because she didn’t get what she wanted. That’s another canceled order.

Anyway, how long until I start to see any traction again? Fiverr has shown itself to be pretty disgusting honestly, and I’ve put more emphasis into other platforms because of the fact that they refunded her order after she accepted it and rated it 5 stars. Has anyone had similar experiences? If so, does your account ever recover?

I was getting like 3 inquiries per day at my peak, and now I get 1 per week.

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Did you reach out to support to clarify the situation?

Of course, the person I spoke with just insisted on repeating over and over “The customer said you did not provide the service agreed upon”.

It’s literally in text what we agreed upon, I sent her images of its completion, she accepted it and gave me 5 stars… How.


I completely sympathize with you and see that it was unfair to you. Acceptance of the delivery and a 5 star suggest that the customer was completely satisfied. Therefore, there is not basis to grant a refund after the order has been marked as complete and the passage of a week.

I spoke about these types of people posing as buyers who use tactic to get cancellations that hurt sellers business but my posts were hidden. I’m sorry you had to go through this but it happens on a regular basis. Do not be daunted by this and keep up the good work. Just think of it as occupational hazard. :muscle: