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How long does it take you to complete 1 Gig?


Hi all, I was just curious about how much time you guys spend on average to complete your orders. Please share with me :slight_smile:


About half an hour per gig, a little more or less depending on the specific project. That’s about how I scale all of my gigs. What can I reasonably do in a half hour? That’s my baseline.


About 30-45 seconds or so… some take longer and that’s totally OK!


Depends the size of the order. I have had orders take anywhere from 5 minutes, to two hours. Of course, I generally try to spend as little time as possible if they just order the standard gig. If I am spending upwards of two hours, it’s most likely for an order larger than $40. I feel if you’re spending over 20 minutes on a standard gig order, you’re spending too much time. $4 for up to 20 minutes is already kind of low pay as it is.


Same here, it really depends on the order.

The shortest is about 5 minutes or so, the longer one will take hours, but of

course those are usually a larger order with the gig extras. :slight_smile:


That’s a great question. I was wondering what the workload for other people might be. I think right now it’s taking me longer to complete gigs because I’m striving to get repeat buyers, so for something that theoretically shouldn’t take more than ten/twenty minutes I’m spending longer on to make sure I’m doing my tasks well. Plus, I figure if I spend more time now it should be less work in the long run. I’m averaging 20-30 min on each gig, plus or minus research, so actually more like 40-45 min. I tend to get carried away with research on account of my being half sponge and all. It’s no biggie. :)>-


It really depends on the gig, but about 10-15 minutes max.


it’s depends on gig type


1 hour or so. and even more for more than 1 gig.


For one gig it will take from 5 to 20 minutes max, it depends on the gig also.


The work includes the revision you do here too. If it’s without revision, less than half an hour. Anything long than that for a fiverr is not worth the time for part-time job.


Thanks all for the great info


1 gig order of $50 will take me around 2 hours max. Usually 30mins to 45mins.

I will make sure that I’m making a good $20 to $30 for 1 hour of work so I will price my orders accordingly to the amount of work that I’m receiving from the buyer :slight_smile:


I think that thibstars’ question is for a base Gig of $5 because if we start taking the Extras into consideration we can’t really compare i.e. I had once a translation order that took me weeks to complete, it was for $200. So taking a $5 basic Gig, I have some that take me 2 - 3 minutes to complete (I can even process several orders into that 2 - 3 minutes) and some that can take me up to an hour or two for just a $5 - I know, but those are not the one I am advertising for very much, but when the order comes I have to deliver, it is still money for jam for dry periods. For those also, I have a longer delivery date so that I can put them on the back burner for when I am less busy. <):slight_smile:


Yes magellon, that’s what I wanted to know actually :slight_smile: But the bigger Gigs are also intresting.


It depends on the gig. Some take 5 minutes while others can take up to 20 minutes. I only post gigs that I can get done quickly.


Anywhere from 30-50 minutes per gig. : )