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How long does it takes for you to get your first order?

Hey there!

I just opened my Fiverr back after almost 7 years deactivated it while busy with 8-to-5 job.
Now I am going for Full-time freelance.

So I was wondering how long does it take for you to get your first order?
I posted my gigs since 31st May 2020 but sadly until now I did not get any orders.

Thank you…

Gig Link:


It really could take between a day to 10 months, just depends on getting a ‘random’ customer passing by.

Oh, that’s bad. I remember back in 2011, it was a lot easier to get customer.

Thanks for the reply.

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Your gigs are so cute. I’d order from you. To me, everything looks good. The only thing I could think of is that since you’ve been inactive for so long your rank on the gig pages have drastically dropped, I’m sure. I would post your gigs to FB/Insta and see if you can get some friends to order (like the lowest priced package is fine) just so you have recent rankings/reviews.

I’m probably wrong though, and know nothing, so never take my word for anything. LOL. It took me like 7 months for my first order but I had just downloaded the app, created gigs and then never really touched it again or advertised (AKA - don’t be like me)


Hi. that’s so nice of you. Thank you so much. Yup, I think so. Been thinking to create a new account for this but I still in doubt. Maybe I will just wait and be patient.

I do promote and advertise my Fiverr on my IG/FB but guess it’s just now my luck yet. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Anyways, thank you again. Really appreciate that :blush:


There is no stipulated time to get your first order. It can take as little as a day or as long as a year. You have no control over it. However, there are a few things that you can do to speed up the process:

  • Use the appropriate search tags when setting up your gigs. This will ensure that your gig shows up in relevant searches.

  • Use high quality images on your gigs.

  • Promote your gigs on social media and other platforms outside Fiverr. You might even get an order doing so.

  • Send buyer requests on a daily basis.

The above tips will ensure you get your first order in no time. I wish you the best of luck on your Fiverr journey.


Hey, thanks for the reply. I am doing social media promoting/advertising frequently but yeah there’s a lot of competitions around.

About the buyer requests, I just noticed it last night. But sometimes I think that my buyer requests section is not function well because sometimes it did not shows anything.

Anyways, thanks again.

There is actually nothing wrong with your buyer request section. Thing is, Fiverr deliberately limits the number of buyer requests a new seller can see. So make the most of every opportunity you get whenever a buyer request pops up. With time, as you get more orders and your level increases to level one, you’ll see more buyer requests than you can handle :slight_smile:

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Oh, I see. No wonder I can’t see more. Thanks for the information, you’re really helpful :blush:

You’re welcome :wink:

Thank you for your helpful reply … I am also new seller at fiverr . :heart::heart::heart:

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You’re welcome :smile:

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Thanks for your reply.
I was complete 1 order. But buyer still offlin. Buyer do not give any review. What should i do?

The order will be marked as complete if your buyer doesn’t do so three days after you submitted. As for the review, it is completely up to the buyer to leave a review. In no way should you solicit for reviews as it is against Fiverr’s policy.


It depends on many factors: area of expertise, gig description, hashtags, price, thumbnail and portfolio available. My best tips is to look at the forums. There are lot’s of threads giving tips about how to succeed on Fiverr and very good testimonials. Wish you many many sales.


Good suggestions to follow, really helpfull. Thanks

Hi, thank you for the great advice. So far, I’ve been sending offer through buyer requests, and get one prospect. Hopefully we manage to close the deal. Anyways, thank you for the wish. Wish the same thing to you.


It takes almost 46 days for me to get my first order…:wink: