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How long does it takes to get your first fiverr order on an average?

I created account in fiverr seven months ago, a couple of days ago I created my first gig in fiverr and still no orders, what are the necessary steps to be taken to boost my sales? and how long it takes an average for the first order?

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It depends. Some people have it an hour after they post a gig, some have it a few months after they post… You can read through the Tips for Section for some tips that you may apply to your gig. It really helps out! :slight_smile:

Be sure to experiment with different titles and tags along with creating new gigs to see what sticks. Sometimes it doesn’t make sense why some gigs become popular and others don’t, but if you keep experimenting you’ll find something that works!

I got my first order after a week I think, and I had just 1 gig at the time; though it had a gig banner and one portfolio image. The description was neither good nor bad but I mentioned at the bottom that “I’m new here! I will improve it as I gain more experience at fiverr.” By the way just a few days have passed since then!

Thanks! Definitely try this.

I think it may work, I got 30 clicks in 2 days for my gig but not even a single order :frowning:

Add a gig video showcasing your service. Clients love to see proof of service with a great presentation.

I don’t know for some people but I got my first order within 1 week and a potential client willing to discuss.

Can you please guide me what is wrong with my gig . Is my gig description bad or good because i haven’t got an order although i have sent requests to buyers. my gig link is :

6 months for me