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How long does it usually take to get gigs?

Hi, I was wondering how long it takes to get gigs, when you first start out? I had one gig, and she gave me 4.7 stars. Only reason she didn’t give me a five star, was because she didn’t get my messages when I asked her about giving me more time, and I would charge her less. I used the gig message thing, but she never got it. So, that wasn’t my fault, but I got penalized for it.
But, I did have a gig, that I shouldn’t have accpeted, I didn’t see exactly how long it was till it was too late. 40 minute video for 5 dollars? That means I get 2.60 by the time it gets to paypal. I couldn’t finish it either, so we had a mutual agreement, but it hurt my rating.
So, what do I do now? I changed my gig a bit, but getting really discouraged. I know I can do the job, just not sure how to get the jobs? The low pay is hard enough, but I have to start somewhere.

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These are the common difficulties i think every seller face, but the suggestions i can give you from my experiences are-

  1. Create as many gigs as you can by doing great research (It’ll help you to get more buyer requests)
  2. Send reply to the buyer request daily
  3. Point out the 1 gig that you wanna boost, Take all the orders on that gig

Actually when your gig is gonna get boosted and you goona get at least 1 order daily than these 4.7 stars, order cancellation etc won’t be a matter anymore.

Good luck for the future.


That is probably super frustrating!

Depending on how many buyers are actually viewing your gig - that’s what will determine how many orders you should expect to receive.

Remember - It’s your duty to do the necessary marketing and researching to make sales! Buyers must have a reason to click on your gigs opposed to your competitors.


Thanks, but that is my problem. I only have one skill, and that’s typing. I was a cashier my whole life, but my health failed me. So, I’m trying to find a way to make income. And lack of skills and money doesn’t help, when you need to work online.

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I advertise on twitter, but I am broke, which is why I want this job. I guess the only way to get work is to pay for work, not like in the real world.

Create as many gigs
Apply to the buyer request daily
Work with dedication

Thanks but like I said, only skill I have is transcribing, and not sure how to find the buyer, I thought they find you?

Nope! You have to reach out if you want to get business. Think about it from the buyer’s perspective: if a seller has no reviews and isn’t proactive, then what reason do they have to hire them?

well where do I reach out? I have posted on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and even Pinterest. I use the logos for my profile and put fiverr on my profile. I can’t do instragram, no camera. I even make my own logos using canva, thinking it would be easier to see. Am I missing something?

I am so sorry to hear that.

I would encourage you to discontinue your current Fiverr account and start fresh.

Get in touch with me once you’ve done that so I can be your first customer! (A writing project)

Let me know!

oh thanks, I did not know we could do that. Not a bad idea. and thanks,I would love to contact you when I’m done.