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How long does it usually take to get my first gig sold?

I put my first gig about a week and a half ago up. Since then i got one person asking for a special offer that i couldn’t complete so i didn’t accepted it, but noting else since then. How long does it usually take until a gig gets sold for the first time? I have 4 gogs currently


Hello, welcome to the forum!
Some people get their order in their first week, some get in their first month.
I got my first order after 2 months of joining.
Send offers to the buyer request, be active and consistent, you will start to get orders soon.


In my case it take up to 2 weeks to get my first order. I only got 2 orders in 21 days.


Just be patient, some sellers wait for months to get their first order. Fiverr market is very competitive. Most of the buyer will just go to the high-reviews seller.
So you need to ask yourself that "what make your gig so special that other will choose yours instead of the high-ranked seller?

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Mine is different I have my first order in next three days I have my gig create. All I can say is that just work towards it by sending request, update your gig and always be active


I am on fiverr since one month… I have created 7 Gigs. I have done every thing what expert recommend… Still not getting order. What to do ?

Be patient and follow up the steps what the fiverr gives and you will get the order within a span of time or days…