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How long does it usually take to get your first sale on Fiverr? I am in fiverr about 3 months

Hi I am Sadib,
I’ve had my gig up for nearly 3 days now and still no orders.Please check my gig and tell me is it fine?

[](http://My Gig)

Fiverr Expert help me.
Thanks in Advance


It looks like you only have one gig image up and that isn’t going to help you much. The images in it are familar cartoon characters, easy to find on the internet. The overall image doesn’t prove much to a potential buyer about your abilities. I would suggest you obtain some truly original images whether you draw them yourself or hire someone to do it. Then actually do vector tracing on enough images to showcase them as samples of your real work in all the gig image spaces you have. There are hundreds of gigs offering what you offer and a buyer needs to have a reason to choose you or it will never happen.

That’s all I see on the gig you listed but other people in or out of your field may have other suggestions for you. Fiverr is very competitive unless you can offer something unique. Good luck!


Ok SIR:grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:

I think fonthaunt pretty much covered everything, but if I was to add something to it I’d say have someone edit your gig description:

“So hurry up.Before Order Contact me”

If someone told me to “hurry up,” I’ll just walk away and look for another seller.

Some people get their first order within hours. I got mine on the fist day.
Others got their orders after few days. Others weeks, months, etc.
It really depends on how good your gigs are and how well you present yourself.



Try to add portfolio of your previous work in the description
A good portfolio and try to grab the attention of buyers in the description
try convert buyers to contact you in inbox :slight_smile:
And also please put a nice image on your gig or you can add video of 75 second which will preferred by Fiverr offical team :slight_smile: it will help you to boost your gig more than 200% But it’s depends on video :slight_smile:

The title of gig is not attractive :slight_smile: try to study top rated seller and level 2 sellers of vector tracing and vector work category you will learn alot of things day by day :wink:

And Never Give Up :wink:

depends on how you have been able to promote your gigs

Sir please now review it again.
is ts ok?

Sir please now review it again.
is ts ok?

Sir My Gig is in the first page of vector tracing

Hey, use buyer’s request effectively.
Make sure you send offers on time hopefully after you’ve gather some stars you are at the same time gathering trust.

Madam, it is actually much worse and now might get you in trouble.

I suggested that you remove the image with the copied cartoons and use real, original art drawn by you or an artist you hire. Instead you replaced your images with worse copies of logos owned by big companies like Burger King. I would never buy from someone with all copied samples.


I’m afraid you are far from being OK.
Fonthaunt pointed out something VERY important, why aren’t you using your own original images?
Also in the whiteboard animation gig, in the sample image it says $10, but in the description it says $100. If you are simply copy/pasting someone else’s description without checking the contents, you’ll run into a lot of problems.

I have Fixed it! no more renowned logo! Btw I am a boy

I have fixed it.
Now is it okay?

It’s not like anything you can say “Easy”. It might takes months for you to get your first order. Patience and control over your nerves is what will be your key to get to the top. Just make sure you get a gig that isn’t a old 1990 promise. Just tell the work that you can do and don’t try to get into promises. Believe me if you send 10 offers a day with a content of your own, you can get a chance of getting a couple of clients. Just be honest with your information and work. If you’re here with a mind "I’m getting all that cash with me on day 2 you’re on the wrong path. Rome wasn’t built in a day my friend :wink:

And she is a lady :woman:

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hahaha, I ain’t a dude either! :wink:

I am a boy sir. Peace :sunglasses: