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How long does it usually take to get your first sale on Fiverr?

I’m curious as to how long it roughly takes. I’ve had my gig up for nearly 5 days now and still no orders, is this normal? What suggestions do you have to get sales faster?



Who knows? The Fiverr system floods new gigs with traffic to help them get established, and some gigs sell better than others. My experience is that I had ~5 sales in the first four days. My sales slowed down after that (when the Fiverr system stopped sending me extra traffic), but then picked up again as I became a better established seller. I’ve been doing steady work since then.

Incidentally, I wrote a a big post here on the forum where I recorded what I learned as a new seller and how long it took me to get my levels. You can read it here: Maybe it’ll help? Good luck :slight_smile:


I’ve had 4 orders in the last 7 days. I looked at your gig and everything looks perfect, in my opinion. I suggest that you find other ways to use your talents and create more than one gig. I currently have three gigs available to buyers and it has really seemed to help. Also, I promoted my gigs on my social media sites to help bring in foot traffic. Today, I got an order by looking through the buyer requests section, so you should check those out everyday. Once you get your first review, people seem to be more open to trying your services. Good luck!


A Fellow Newbie


I’d say this really depends on what kind of gig you’re offering. The first 5-star review is critical to get the ball rolling of course, but finding the right buyer who sees something special in your offering can take some time. So keep trying out the tips here from the forum and tweaking your offering to see what works. My first sale came a week after I first posted, then I had a 2 week gap, after which the first buyer came back.


I think it took me a few weeks to get my first order. After I got my first review, more people were comfortable ordering. I also offered extra services for free to my first 5 buyers which I advertised at the top of my listing. I’m sure the time it takes also depends on how in demand your particular service is.

If after a while you’re still not getting orders, maybe take a look at your gig listing and see if anything can be improved. Maybe something about it is deterring buyers.


I think that´s normal. I don´t know, I am a newby too :slight_smile:

Oh I just realised you are not a newby anymore. Duh… :stuck_out_tongue: Well done to you then!

You have over 120 reviews on your best selling gig so you tell us.
Edit: this was written in May.

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It’s normal.

wait and see if you offered something good with good contents then i hope you will get orders its alldepend on your offers if it looks professional dn no more wait :slight_smile:

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You did well Ben, Level 2 and many sales now and you started off on the forums asking questions, nice, congrats!


Maybe a day, I think it really depends on your gig and how on-demand it is.

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Well seems to me you’ve gotten to level 2! Almost a year since your post… Congrats :slight_smile:


Over a year or so ago, I offered a gig that was unrelated to the type of service I offer now. It took about 2 months to get my first sale, and over the course of about 8 months, my gig was purchased a dozen times. I have since changed the service that I offer, and in order to establish myself as a reputable seller, I went out and immediately found my first 10 sales through the buyer request page. In most cases, I wound up offering more than what I normally would for $5, but it was important that I establish a 5 star reputation and hit Level 1 rather quickly. It took about 5 weeks, but I received a total of 11 orders in that time frame. Sometimes, you just have to be pro active!

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after 1 month

Will things get easier after my first sale?


Not exactly, but every rating and review does help a lot. Things get easier if you get a level, not exactly “super easy” but easier since sellers with levels are perceived to be more trusted, etc.

You may need to be online on fiver for more time per day. As well set the tags appropriately in your gigs. Also check buyer requests daily and send offer to them. you can Increase your sale.

You may need to be online on fiver for more time per day. As well set the tags appropriately in your gigs. Also check buyer requests daily and send offer to them. you can Increase your sale.

I have receive my first order after one week from create of gig, but after this i have not receive any order… I have changed my gig descreption title images every things several time, SO i am waiting my second order ):