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How long does it usually take to link fiverr to payoneer for the first time?

In order to withdraw my funds, I have created a Payoneer account, and was wondering how long will it take for the application to be processed?
In Payoneer, I have submitted all of my documents and in the verification center I had a problem for which I submitted the document and it says approved.
In the Fiverr earning tab when I hover over Payoneer it says your application is being processed.
This is my situation, can anyone please tell me how long it can take for the application to process? Any help is appreciated.


If you type “payoneer application being processed” in the search bar above there are several topics on the subject which may be helpful to you.


Thank you for the suggestion.


It takes minimum 3-4 days generally 6 days

thanks a lot for the answer.

Good question. Because even though my account got linked and verified pretty quickly, good luck with trying to add or change your bank account or do pretty much anything else. 90% of changes can only be conducted by contacting the customer support which turns out to be … abysmal :sweat_smile: So, yeah, even if you get linked you still might run into issues. They are giving me headaches since a week, and linking to Fiverr wasn’t one of the problems.

You are most welcome

Hi @crackfist,
Indeed the review process takes a couple of business days. Feel free to PM me with the email address you registered with us to look into this for you.
@daphneeve, I’ve replied in the other thread.

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Thanks a lot for replying. I am waiting for my passbook and bank account to verify, I am patient though.