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How long does it usually take to start making a living off Fiverr?

I started 5 days ago and i got one costumer but he left cause i took more than an hour to respond. now i am constantly checking and let down. I am wondering when people usually get their first sale? and how if and when you get your first sale do they start rolling in? I guess you need ratings. Hope i can get someone soon :frowning:


It varies so much and depends on you so much. There is not any way to give an average.

Some sellers never get one sale, for years. Some start getting sales the first day and get several every single day. And any variable in between those.


thanks for the response misscrystal! I know i need to be patient i dont think my gigs are in the best/top selling gigs category


The second third and fourth gigs of yours are the ones most likely to do well in my opinion. The SEO one would have the most chances. You need to boost the image to one that grabs the eye more. And make the description more selling.


okay i will try to edit it better i think i may have rushed that one ! i had to head out for work that day hehe


Some get a sale on their first day, some wait for months, or even years.

There’s no rule. Could be quickly, could be here and there (but never consistently), could be never…

Some people never manage to make a living here (plus it’s not a good idea to rely on one source of income anyway).


yeah i know its going to be hard to get people to even notice at first but i am going to try harder to edit my stuff and pay more attention to detail