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How long does Pending Clearance on new Gig take?

Hi, I’m Dawn Daniels


I’m Dawn Daniels a Voice Over Artist. I created my gig and I uploaded my voice over demo about 16 hours ago. How long does it take for pending clearance on gigs? Thank you in advance for your feedback. Dawn

I’m pretty sure it gets reviewed within 48 hours.

Thank you. I was hoping it would be quicker…but now I can stop checking every 10 minutes.

It shouldnt take that much, actually i never face that long :thinking:

Sounds like It’s quicker for you. That’s encouraging. Thanks.

Well…it’s been 2 1/2 days. Almost 60 hours so I sent a message to support about reviewing my voice over demo. And approving my gig. I want to get to work. I believe the rest of my gig is clear and concise. Ever taken this long? I wonder what the hold up is?

It’s really strange. My gig is live on the computer now but not on the Fiverr app. Anyone have things updated on one platform but not another?