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How long does the "resolve now" button stay on?


My seller made a temporary deliver. On Fiverr order page, it says “Order will be marked as completed in 3 days.” Can I still get a refund if it gets marked as completed? The seller promised he was going to deliver within the extended deadline. It has been more than 36 hours since his promise and the seller hasn’t updated my order or responded to my message. Please help, thank you.


It’s not a temporary delivery, there is no such thing as a temporary delivery. When it says ‘will be marked as complete’ it means the seller has delivered.

I don’t know the specifics of what was promised and what was delivered, but if you can review what was promised and if it does not match what has been offered, you can request a revision immediately, so the seller will have to make amends and deliver the proper goods.


Hello, if you are not getting your delivery and seller marked delivered then immediate click on modification, and ask with seller when he/she deliver your service then only mark delivered

if any issue with your seller, then you can contact customer support for order cancellation and refund also. Thanks


Just request a modification. That way you will prevent the order to complete without you having the full order. :slight_smile:


Just don’t. If you get a temporary delivery a.k.a. the dummy delivery from a seller use the modification requested button immediately, if the seller asks for time - tell them to make an extend delivery time resolution dispute for it. Btw temporary delivery is against the Fiverr ToS.

Now as you say that, 36 hours passed so the order would have been automatically marked as completed. Just leave the seller a 1 star rating and a very bad review and watch the seller come running to you with the promised work. :smiling_imp:


@taverr Not a good advice, just click on modification button and ask your seller to dodge late delivery through RESOLVE NOW option…


@zubairfb It’s the best that @hanayu can do now. Have a look at the OP - 36 hours already passed and the order is automatically completed(most probably) so, the OP can’t use the modification request button.


Thank you all for the help! Luckily I encountered a good seller. He had technical problems (hence the lack of responses). I did get the work I paid for :slight_smile:


good job . . . keep it up :slight_smile: