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How long does video processing really take

sellers on average how long does video processing for your gig really take be honest

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Up to 24 hours, but if it takes longer than that, just contact customer service, I’ve had my videos get “stuck” before. I’ve also fixed by removing and re-uploading.

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so if this is is a known problem whats going on with fiverr dev team i guess this is a good chance for anyone offering coding skills to offer it to fiverr lol

Its pretty rare to happen, just offering a solution for you. Videos can also need to be manually checked before posting, so that could be why it isn’t instant for you. When did you upload your video?

last night or yesterday night (its late im so confused on our to say lol) but lets see how it goes by tomorrow

I am so angry about this. I always end up with chasing support. My waiting time is often weeks!

Why do mine often takes weeks???

I generally don’t chase support if it happens, I just do the delete then reupload thing and it always works then…

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I just put my book trailer gig back up after a five-year hiatus. I made a video for it, waited exactly 24 hours, and then gave it another two or three hours on top of that. It was still pending, so I sent a request to support. The video was approved before I even received a response.

Maybe you could do that. When you post your video, give it the allotted 24 hours, plus another two or three, and then contact CS if it hasn’t been approved yet.

I know it’s frustrating having to chase things down like that, but sometimes that’s just part of doing business. Good luck! :slight_smile:

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I had both of my videos stuck on Pending even a week after the Gigs were live. I had to ask Support and they were approved really fast.

Must remember re-upload thing though if that is faster :wink: