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How long fiverr to paypal?

Hi :slight_smile: Thanks for reading just wondering how long fiverr takes to withdraw to paypal. It was my first withdrawal if that makes a difference, money has left my fiverr account but it’s still not in my paypal. It was 15 hours ago or so maybe a bit longer. Cheers

*after withdrawing, I did receive an email from paypal confirming

It is instant. I never had a delay. Never.
You should contact the pp and fiverr support.
The time they tell you to wait is 15 minutes I believe. This is way beyond that.

Edit: contact fiverr support first to get some transaction id.
Edit2: just checked fiverr’s confirmation mail and it says it can take some days. Though in 3+ years, I always received them the next moment.
Maybe some other users can comment about their experiences.

i think you should do payoneer card, i hate paypal

what exactly is a payoneer card? & yeah in the email it did say upto 24 hours to show in your paypal balance but my cousin said in his experience it was ALWAYS instant like you’ve just said :frowning: hm I guess I will contact fiverr. Bad timing as my phonebills came out today :confused: (and being an irresponsible student of course I am now in my unauthorised)

***Thanks Kay for mentioning to check the email again - I did and noticed it said I need to confirm my email with my paypal account before money will appear in it. Silly me, thanks guys.

** Ok it’s confirmed but money still not showing. I’ll check back in 10

** I didn’t realise I had to “claim” the money, I’m a noob at paypal ok. But I have it now :slight_smile:

Oh right. I forgot that there is a verification link after each withdrawal request. You have to click that and then it is instant. Also the verification part. Didn’t realise that it was required because it’s been a long time since I did that.
Sorry about that. :slight_smile: