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How long for a buyer to leave feedback?


I’m pretty new here but have sold a couple of gigs. I wondered how long a buyer has to leave a feedback star rating. I only ask because one buyer said they were really happy, and said they would leave feedback, but never did and the gig was then completed. Is it now too late for them to leave feedback?

I don’t want to ask them again as that seems too pushy, but it would be good to know this for future reference.

Thanks in advance,



It’s not too late to leave feedback when the order is completed. In fact, your buyer has 30 days after that to leave a review.
Some people tend not to, though, and disappear into the ether after you deliver. Others leave reviews every time. It’s probably half-and-half.


no review better then bad review


Like you’ve been told, buyers have 30 days to leave a review. You’re doing the right thing by choosing not to be pushy. :slight_smile:


Don’t worry most buyers are complete the order soon as they got their work but some buyer never complete the order. usually my 10 out of 2 order no feedback. they all automatically complete after 3 days


Thanks everyone,

The feedback ratio is lower than I expected. Glad I know what to expect now!



That’s not a good thing. You should remind your client to leave a feedback.

Because Fiverr only count orders where clients have left feedback. I came to know this few months ago. I have completed 300+ orders but on my profile it shows around 240 orders.


No worries. usually i never ask buyers to leave a feedback.


Don’t be shy to ask them. It is your right irrespective that you delivered a good job or bad, you should know client’s reaction.

I recommend asking clients at least 2-3 times for the feedback in the span of 14 days.

It shows that you are professional. For example, in one of my recent orders, the client didn’t respond me after I delivered the work. I inquired 2-3 times, but he didn’t answer and came back after one month. He asked for a revision. I was not entitled to do that, as per Fiverr policy. But in good faith I did it. He was so happy, and guess what? He ordered another job just to give me feedback and tip.


And buyer might leave a lower review or report the seller for spamming.

Your profile shows reviewed orders, yes. If you click on Selling>Orders, in one of the tabs (called Completed), you’ll see the total number of completed orders (both with reviews and without). Fiverr counts all of your orders.

No, it would show me as a spammer, or desperate, or both. It would definitely not present me as a professional.

You spamming him with requests for feedback had nothing to do with him asking for a revision later. He needed a revision, and he asked for it.

Leaving a rating is buyer’s prerogative; it’s up to them whether they want to leave a rating or not. Receiving review is not the seller’s ‘right’.


Correct. But buyers decide to hire seller based upon the reviews because he can only see how many orders seller has completed.


It still doesn’t mean that Fiverr doesn’t count those orders, as you said.

And a lot of buyers don’t really care whether you have completed 200 or 300 orders.


If you asked me, as a buyer, for feedback 3 times in 14 days, you might get the sort of feedback you wouldn’t want. :wink:

Better to have no feedback than a negative review!


I agree with those who would consider it spamming to repeatedly ask for reviews. I am a regular buyer as well as a seller. I would not be happy if I were pushed to leave public feedback when I’ve chosen not to.


It can be really disappointing if you work hard on a job when your buyer doesn’t bother to leave a review I know! It has happened to me in the past. Most leave a review but there is the odd one who just doesn’t, and there is nothing you can do about this. You just have to put it out of your mind. I think really good communicationcan help, and of course doing a really good job! It can be even more upsetting if you get a review which was less stars than you were expecting for no apparent reason too!

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No don’t do that! You can ask them once when you deliver the order and then never again.

You do not need a buyer reporting you for spamming him and they might if you do this.


I had a seller recently deliver an order, and then ask for a review in a separate message about 20 minutes later. I woke up the next morning with 4 messages asking why I haven’t completed the order and left a review. Throughout the next day or two (I was traveling) I received multiple other messages asking for 5-star reviews.

You can believe I left a review of the transaction. It wasn’t 5 stars though!


And repeat buyers tend to fall off. I have some buyers who send me 2-3 a week and are great. However the process is basically automated. Since they work with me all the time, I’m sure they feel no need to repeatedly review. Just like I don’t fill out the survey every morning at Starbucks.


Reminds me of a great line in an old movie “Moscow On The Hudson.”

“My friend this is America, you don’t have to thank me, you have to pay me.”


I just send one brief, friendly message after a couple of days if they haven’t left feedback, see a copy below:

"Hi there,

I was hoping you had the chance to review my content and that everything was delivered as requested?

If so, I would be grateful if you could mark the order as complete and leave me a review.

If not, I am happy to amend the content - just comment on the sections that need changing, let me know, and I would be delighted to make any amends.

Any questions please let me know, I am here to help.


it works a treat and 90% of my orders have reviews.