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How Long For A New Gig to Show Up?

I created a new gig Wednesday night, but it’s not showing up in the search, nor does it have any clicks or views other than the ones from friends I sent the link to.

Shouldn’t new gigs show up within 24 hours or so after creation? It IS active and both the video and audio files have been approved.

The name of my gig is “Do Your Urban American Female Voiceover With Gusto”; I’ve searched for urban, urban female, urban voice, urban voiceover, all to no avail…Should I give it more time or try CS?

In my case it takes 1-2 days usually

not only a new one

often after reediting, it happens again - manual checking

don’t worry


Thanks…and with this being the weekend, I guess I can give until Monday.

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NO :slight_smile: Fiverr’s team keeps working over the weekends too.
My main gig was out of Fiverr’s index about 1.5 day after me reedit it a little bit.
Right now it’s back again in the Fiverr’s index and visible in relative search. :slight_smile:

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Search really could use some improvement too, searching for ‘female American voiceover’ turns up quite a few male voiceovers (and yes, I clicked some to check if they offer both female and male in their gig description, but no) and non-American ones too, so who knows, maybe your gig appears when people search for ‘Chinese male voiceover’ ;). From Wednesday till now should be long enough, but you probably have a video, maybe they have a lot of those to go through ATM.

Yes, I do know they work through the weekends, but some things don’t seem to update as often on weekends, like the Buyer’s Requests, so I figured that could be one of those things…

I’m going to go ahead and write CS because it’s still where it was over two days ago.