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How long for my first gig?

I have been a Fiverr seller for the past 56 days and I haven’t sold ANYTHING. It is really frustrating, I’ve also used the Buyer request and I’ve made 46 on what I’ve seen I was capable of. I really need some help. This is my account any suggestion or recommendation would be amazing.

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after sending 157 buyer request then i got the first order.

Damn it mate, that’s a long long time :sweat_smile: . Do you have any recommendations for my account, what can I update or change, if you don’t mind, of course?

You just need a sales funnel.

Relying on fiverr traffic is not the right way if you are a new seller.

Promote your services

How can I promote my service? I don’t really know people who would like to pay for my services anyway. I’ve also presented it to my friends, DMed many on IG, yet no luck.

To be sold:

Gigs are marketed to people who need your services

Gigs are marketed in many ways:
google index
social media
Press conference
blog review
classified ad
and other ways

Oh, awesome! I’ll search everything up and give it a go! Thank you for your time!!

Some never make a sale. If you use the search feature to search for usernames, you’ll see thousands of sellers who were unable to sell a single gig.

To have the best chance of succeeding, market your services well, as backlinks mentioned above; continue to improve your skills; and tweak your gigs so they represent you in the absolute best light.

Treat your freelancing business like a machine. Fine-tune until everything is optimal.

Great advice Sara, thank you so much! I’ll try and make this “machine” a beast, haha.

That’s the spirit!

You could also read a couple of business books while things are quiet. They should give you added perspective. Two books I like that are relevant to Fiverr are the 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing and Scientific Advertising.

Both helped me understand human psychology and what gets people to buy.

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Definitely not going for an MBA but I’ll search for those. :laughing: Sara, you’ve been great, thanks a ton!

You’re welcome.

Yeah, you don’t need the MBA lol, but a few books on selling/marketing will really open your eyes.

I think Scientific Advertising is now free and is only 100 pages long, so you can get a quick overview of selling while dinner is cooking!

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Awesome, I’ll check it out!