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How long have you been active on fiverr?

Hello friends, how long have you been active on Fiverr? The maximum time a seller should be active on fiverr.


Basically always active.


Experienced sellers (the people you want to listen to) will tell you it makes little or no difference how long you are logged in for. For example, nearly all my orders happen when I am not logged onto the site - such as asleep or spending time with friends ad family.

Inexperienced sellers (those who often spread false information) will tell you it it important to stay logged in all the time, and some will even recommend using a page refresher. But when you analyse their accounts, these people often have zero or very few orders, and forget to tell you that using a page refresher will result in a warning.

If you have an in-demand service, your gigs are well presented, make sense, and are priced fairly - then you stand a chance of getting an order.


How can be always active in fiverr> Do you use any softwire?

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No, no no.

If you want to receive an account warning and possibly be banned from Fiverr, then go ahead - use a page refresher.


You can use what is called quick responses!


As much as possible to active always. refresh the fiverr pages manually and also develop your Skill or do Buyers job.(As far as I know)


i use fiverr mobile app and check every 5 or 10 minutes.


you said real things @english_voice

that’s fine for me @nullwizard

@bijoy_hossain Please accept my deepest thanks.

sure, i will use quick response