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How long have you been on fiverr / how did you find it?

Just curious to see how long people have been using fiverr for and where did you hear it from?

Me i started fiverr back in 2012 and heard about it from a classmate


I joined in May (not actively selling the whole time) after seeing one of their Doers YouTube ads. I guess they have decently effective marketing.

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I found Fiverr in 2014. I was reading Amazon e-books about how to earn money freelancing and one of them had a chapter on Fiverr. After that I started reading books that were specifically about Fiverr. I created my first gig based on what I read and starting earning money within a few days. I use various platforms now but Fiverr remains more consistent for me when it comes to earning money.


2015…Looking for somewhere to get a cheap cover for my ebook, searched, and a blog post mentioned Fiverr (this was in 2014). Didn’t know I could sell there as well, then a year after, I joined officially as a seller.

I joined almost end of 2015.
I was searching on google to earn some extra money while continue my regular office job. I come to know about Fiverr and joined just to try. After 3 months I received my first order and from then I have been an active seller. This is an awesome marketplace for those who work here with dedication.

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I saw it from an online local forum.

May! From a bunch of naysayers. They all claimed Fiverr was killing the market. Uhhh? Not what I see.

I am new here from two weeks.