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How long have you left money in Fiverr?

So, I’m thinking of letting all of the money of my sales on Fiverr just accumulate and stay in Fiverr until the end of the year… Hopefully I’ll have a nice amount for some Christmas shopping. Has anyone done that?? Left your money there for months? Or is it safer to transfer to PayPal and leave it there instead?

Great contribution @dudeson. very wise move there. I think withdrawing after $100 dollars is sooooo safe and better. Make reasonable withdrawals while leaving some amounts there to encourage your self to do more. #Double incentive… :smiley:


Honestly its up to you… I pull it every two weeks and it feels like pay from another job. I have heard people keeping it for 1-2 months at a time…

Transferring to PayPal is safe, but since it charges a dollar for a transaction, I would wait until you have 3-400 per transfer if not more. Just my two cents.

But it comes down to when you need/want the money. transfer is less then 5 minutes so if you are out and about and need fast cash… and if you have fiverr app on your mobile… then you can transfer the funds.

I usually withdraw once a week. For sure I wouldn’t let money sit in fiverr for long because people have had their accounts hacked here. It’s not as secure as a bank or even Paypal. Like @ardicus said, since you pay $1 for any withdrawal over $50, accumulate a few hundred or even just $100 and then withdraw. Why not open an interest-bearing savings account online and just electronically transfer your earnings there? Then you won’t necessarily “see” the cash, but you can save it safely.

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For me it depends. I try not to keep it that long on Fiverr because the stories about accounts being hacked freaks me out a bit. But I guess I’m just paranoid.

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Withdraw it as frequently as is feasibly possible. Fiverr isn’t a bank; you have no protection if fiverr shuts down overnight (unlikely, but possible).

I cash out at $100 unless I am about to buy some gigs. I don’t leave much in my Fiverr account for long for the same reasons as the others said.

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No matter what you end up doing, I would not advertise it publicly, as that could get some shady people interested in your account and earnings. But I do agree with everyone here that you should withdraw your earnings after you’ve reached a set amount and not let it sit there in your Fiverr account.

In the past I would withdraw as soon as it clears. But as others have said try to withdraw your earnings as soon as you reach a certain milestone.

Reply to @ardicus: Thank you :slight_smile: I think I will wait until I have about 100-200 and transfer.

Reply to @aedren: Actually that’s true. There are stories about accounts being hacked and I’d hate to loose all my hard work.

Reply to @mrproofreading: I hadn’t looked at it that way. It is possible that it happens and I think PayPal for now may be safer.

Reply to @fonthaunt: I think I’ll cash out every 100 then. That seems very reasonable! Thanks!!

Reply to @norrsken_marc: hhmm that is true!! I totally did just mention that I might leave my money add up!! Now I’m definitely taking it out… Glad you mentioned that!! :slight_smile: Thanks!

Reply to @topaz_muse: Maybe every 50 or 100 is good… or every 51 that way it’s a clean $50 :slight_smile:


Reply to @writerlisaz: I think every 50 sounds good. It’s much more safer at my bank. I’ll just have to stay away from my card! Maybe that’s what I’ll hide :wink:

Reply to @labels4you: Yeah I hear you. But I think we are safe as long as we don’t follow any shady links or something like that.

Personally, I have accumulated close to $500 before withdrawing, but I agree with what others say - overall, it is probably safer to withdraw sooner than that!

Good question and one that I would be getting around to asking…Isn’t it a shame that no one is safe from the devious deeds of hackers these days??

I’ve dealt with Paypal a good long while and I was informed about the fact that they do charge a small transaction fee…other than that, a very reliable place.

Reply to @aedren: I don’t think that’s paranoid at all… I had my very first $50 stolen when my account got hacked!