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How Long is Normal to Wait for Customer Support?



I have been waiting for 3 days now for my Ticket to be answered is that Normal please ?

My Ticket Number is #1990988 and has been allocated but no answer.

The last ticket I had to send was some time last year and if my memory serves me correctly the reply was fast within 24 hrs and my over all experience has been good.




Sometimes I get a reply within 24 hours, sometimes it’s days. Do you have any further information to add to the ticket since then (useful information)? If so, you might try adding that.



Thank you for your reply.

Yes I added all the information that was needed but still no answer.

What I find hard to understand is how a ticket can be allocated but no answer that baffles me.

Oh well I guess I will just have to will be 4 Days shortly.




You can send a follow-up message if your ticket still hasn’t been answered several days later.
Don’t create numerous tickets as that doesn’t help the situation :slight_smile:



Just an update. Finally I got an answer and thinking it would all be sorted out in a fair manner well that was far from the truth.

I bought Master Resale rights to some amazing software and I spent hours making a gig then submitted the Video which I was told is too long which I accepted but shortly after that my GIG gets flagged.I submit a ticket and 4 days later get told the Same thing that I have breached copyright Laws which could not be further from the truth. I submitted all the info and all the Proof and all the licenses but no one seems to care.

As someone posted before Fiverr is definitely not what it used to be… I have been a member of Fiverr since 2011, Have 100% Feedback Level 2 seller and i am 100% honest and straight with people but I guess that does not count for much anymore.

I guess I will have to find somewhere else.

I have bought Plenty of Gigs too becuse that is how I started out here.

Anyway thank you for your feedback it was much appreciated.

All The Best



Just to take note, Fiverr isn’t the best place to advertise Youtube services of any sort. They have been cracking down on these gigs ever since they have had problems.

Best of luck.


Hi, No I put up a Video to show the Product. The Actual Product is software which churns out expired domains with all the metrics even down to the backlinks.

All The Best



Yes, It is 24hrs but cause of weekend or holiday sometime it takes 3days.
You mentioned 3days so it’s best to wait 2 more days and then ask again. I think 5days should be enough to wait for reply.


They definitely reply withing 24-48 hours mark but don’t expect any sort of ‘customer support’ here in Fiverr. The notion of ‘customer support’ is a myth here in Fiverr although I do hope your issue get resolved. Check this link to check Fiverr Support: Fiverr customer service is some of the worst I’ve seen