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How long it take for trust and safety team to review account?

Hi there i wanted to know how long does it normally take for the trust and safety team to review a restricted, to restore it or disable it permanently?

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It will take as long as it takes.


i am sorry i did not understand you, what do you mean by this?

I meant that it will take as long as it takes for Trust and Safety to assess your account. There does not appear to be any set time-table for reviewing an account. When your account has been assessed, you will be informed of the result.

so any rough estimate according to your own experience?

It could be days, weeks or over a month or more.

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OMG… how sad

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I get the feeling you didn’t read anything that I wrote. :thinking:

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Most of the time accounts are restored within a few days or they will not be restored at all. There is no set time, though, as others said. There have been rare cases where accounts were restored after months but those are not common situations.

Dear sir,
My account is reviewing by trust and safety team and already 10 days gone. There have any mail address or how I contact them?

Fiverr customer support

Just open and submit your ticket there