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How long it take to approval of Fiverr pro

I have applied for the Fiverr pro but did not get the reply yet. How much it will take and tell me if there are specific tricks to get that


It can take months, and most people don’t get approved.


How does Fiverr decide whether I’m eligible to become a Pro seller?

Fiverr business buyers want the very best. We therefore request Pro candidates to go through a vetting process: We’ll ask you to tell us about your professional background, your higher education, notable projects you’ve worked on, etc. Once we get to know you, we will evaluate your application form and notify you whether you were found eligible to open a Pro Gig.

There are no tricks!


Took them a year to respond to me after I reminded them myself. :slight_smile:


Same here, I think it took them more than 6 months and they replied only after I sent them a message.

Not a biggie but I didn’t expect to be rejected especially when I worked with a royal family, L’Oréal, Jurlique, oxford street stores, was on a tv and my work published in quite a few magazines :woman_shrugging: If that’s not a Pro enough for fiverr then I’m not sure what counts for it :joy:


I am confused as well with their selections… both PRO or Top Seller… But it is what is is and it made me focus outside fiverr


Oh, I actually had a very similar experience. Minus the royal family, you’ve beaten me there. :slight_smile:

And I gotta admit, it hurt my feelings a bit. But also gave me an impression they were looking for people with very specific credentials and the degree of social media activity I couldn’t manage so I wasn’t cutting it. I just let it go after that.


@lenasemenkova Your work is as professional as any designer I’ve seen here but you’re right. I think you need a presence of some kind on the internet.


I got an impression they also want very recent BIG projects for BIG brands. And I’m a web designer by trade so the life cycle of any of my “big” projects is 6 months max and I’m out of the corporate environment for 4 years. Can I provide a live link to the commercial project I did for Philips in 2015? No. Can I provide the screens and the sprites and whatnot? Yes, but the speed the trends change with is insane and they all will look dated today. And web projects are not relevant to what I do today at all.

I recommend trying to fill out that Pro application form to anyone who’s curious, though. You can sort of see who are they looking for by the questions they ask.

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Making just posters and banners seems too limited. Is there anything else you could make? Advertisements of some kind? I know that it’s really important work to make those and important companies use them. I wonder if you could have a gig that would offer other types of ads or commercial art.

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I wanted to get a Pro logo gig up because I honestly do believe Pro is the only way to do logos/identity on fiverr without losing your mind completely. It’s something I have an extensive portfolio on, too. But it didn’t work out. The competition/sheer amount of logo gigs could be a contributing factor to that as well, who knows.

I’m not looking to apply for Pro again, though, not for the time being.


I hope to climb to that level one day, fiverr pros are making a whale of income here.

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