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How long it take to recieve your 1st order?

I’m waiting for my 1st order?how long take you to yours 1st?

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  1. Your profile says you’re from Sri Lanka, but your photo looks like a Korean.
  2. Your “proofreading gig” should be proofread. Plenty of mistakes.
  3. Your writing gig’s description is plagiarized.

Maybe those are some reasons you’re not making sales?

Im not getting any sellers,im a bit disappointed now :frowning:

Some sellers take months to get their first order so you need to be patient.

Try to make more than one gig. Are you promoting your gig externally?

I don’t remember how many days it was, but it was within a week of posting my gigs that I got my first order. I was working mostly through Upwork at the time, so it didn’t bother me when I didn’t get orders immediately. Then I got a couple more orders the next week, and then once I had a handful of reviews, I started getting orders on a consistent basis. Now, I only work through Fiverr. Eventually, my sales may slow and I may need to look for other platforms, but Fiverr has been awesome for me so far.

I think that I was able to get customers so quickly because I started out with very low prices (I steadily raised them as I got more customers). I also had clear gig descriptions, used packages, and was professional when responding to customer inquiries.

I hope that helps! Good luck! :slight_smile:


New sellers should at least wait 1 - 3 weeks before making a thread about not getting any sales and try to promote their services.