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How long it takes a feedback to be removed

I am new in Fiverr. Unfortunately I received a 2 star rating from a buyer before 2 months +. Fiverr already cancelled the order. For this review, I am still unable to send buyer request. I have 4 reviews total. 3 of them are 5 star ratings and the rest is 2 star. How long I have to suffer for a negative review? How long I have to wait to be able to send buyer request?


If you have proof that the review is unfair or untrue, you can try reaching out to Customer Support and explain your situation. They can be sympathetic to newbies sometimes.

If it’s an honest review that reflects the buyer’s experience accurately, it’ll stay forever. Fiverr doesn’t remove reviews just because you don’t want them there.


Unfortunately, there’s no response from you to that review. Whenever anyone leaves a review, you have the opportunity to respond to it, explaining your point of view.

Too late after 2 months, though.

I’m in the habit of responding every time, even if only to say “thank you”. It might be worth you getting the same habit for the future …


Until you get enough 5 star reviews for your overall rating to be high enough.

She did respond to it, you can see it on the gig page.


But the order was cancelled, why would you get a review for an order that doesn’t exist anymore? :thinking:

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When you have a 90% positive rating.

If you can get CS to remove it (as long as that doesn’t risk a warning) then straight after that (or within about 24 hours - when the stats update).

If that 2 star review isn’t removed but you can get 6 more positive ratings you should be able to send offers to BR I think as then you should have 90% positive ratings, ie. 9 positive 1 negative).

Cancelling the order no longer removes the review.

Trying to exchange a refund for feedback removal is a Terms of Service violation.

It’s been like that for years.


Good to know, thank you for the information! I’ve never been in such a situation so I wasn’t aware of that. Most of the terms of service can be followed simply by using common sense but punishing the seller with cancellation and a bad review on top of that does seem unnecessarily harsh. Sure, it might be that a seller delivered bad work and deserves both but sometimes that is just not the case.

Thank you - one day, I’ll understand how Fiverr works …

Sorry, but that should be obvious: sellers would cancel orders to remove reviews they don’t like, making their profile biased.

You don’t get to erase the buyer’s voice and feedback.

Well obviously, but I thought if the buyer (not the seller) cancels the order after writing a review, there’s no reason to keep the review up because in the end they got what they wanted, the order being cancelled.
I’m not saying sellers should be able to cancel an order after having received a review.

As I just said, removing a review is unethical because it promotes bias. That bias is there regardless if the buyer gets what they want.

Accepting finished work and writing a review only to cancel the order afterwards is unethical too in my opinion but I suppose that’s just how it is.

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I never said that it wasn’t unethical, did I? By the way, I can’t even comment on whether the cancellation was unjust. I don’t know.

But two wrongs don’t make a right. As I just explained, if reviews could be removed, sellers would cancel orders to remove reviews they don’t like. And they would partner with people to get fake reviews in exchange for money.

Fiverr doesn’t want sellers to cancel, so I guess this is one way to “encourage” it. If the bad review stays no matter what, they might as well keep the money.

That makes sense to me.


As a best practice, if you provide excellent service and receive enough great reviews, these negative reviews will truly be a drop in the bucket. Focus on what you can control and keep moving forward! :smile:


Why do you keep tagging yourself in your posts?

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Wait, this is news to me. So the buyer accepted it, left a bad review, and then cancelled and got a refund?! If the buyer accepted it, how could they get a refund?

By going to CS and stating that the delivery ended up being unusable to them for whatever reason. Some buyers who leave negative reviews still have intention to use the product they’ve received.

UPD: I edited out the reasons, I don’t want to give people ideas.