How long it takes fiverr team


How long it take fiver team to reply submited tickets. Still waiting for my reply. 2 days.


Bad for you :frowning:
I contacted 5 times in last two months, they replied in between 2-4 hours, one of those were exceptionally late (9 hours).
Nothing to say but to be patient.


they normally reply within 24 hours


How many tickets did you submit? They only like one ticket at a time from you.


I don’t think two days passed without a reply from Fiverr Customer Support.
It’s true that all the tickets are sorted in some priority queue but is impossible to wait 48 hours without any reply.

In what category did you post when you added your ticket?


It can take long only if issue is difficult to solve and requires more people at fiverr team to check


I opened only one ticket. and wait for reply. My phone verification is not working. i just want to get that fixed.


should i open a new one again.?


No. Kindly send a follow-up message and explain the situation.


thank you very much for everyone who helped me. problem solved.