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How long it takes to get first order?

I’m not getting order on my logo design gig.Even i’m not getting messages from buyer.How long it takes to get the first order?

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need more hard work. And try to bid on buyer request. I hope you will get order from buyer.
Thank you

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It took me awhile when I first got started. A few pointers is to make sure your description is well written, and you have good images to let customers know about your skills.

Also keep in mind when starting out, it’s better to operate a little lower on pricing, to attract new business. Once you start picking up, you will be able to raise your prices, and you will have a better feel for it.

All in all, just keep with it my friend, i’ve had about 70 orders in the last 3 weeks- if you do good work, and stay on top of your gigs, it will happen for you!

I’m sending good vibes to you brother! :metal: :metal: :metal:


No certain time limit to get the first order. You may get in one day or in one month or more.
Focus on your gig headline, description, and tag.

Send concise offer to the right buyer request.
Be active as long as you can.
Share your gig on social media.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Thank you so much. can i know what type of services you are offering?