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How long it takes to get my first order?

I’m a new seller. I joined Fiverr this month. I realized that Fiverr is all about competition. I’m also starting my career as a writer. And I’m good enough to write a complete novel without any kind of grammatical errors and with a good vocabulary. Can I get a special advice to make me shine in this website?

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Welcome to our Fiverr family. How many Gigs you have posted? Keep continue with patience.
You will get the orders & win the competition.

I feel like that’s not enough qualification to be a writer. Plenty of people have great grammar, but that doesn’t mean that they can be professional writers. Having good grammar is a requirement, but by no means guarantees you success.

Try showing some kind of talent in your gig descriptions and so forth. What are your strengths as a writer? Play to those.