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How long it takes to get orders. If you are a new seller?


How long it takes to get orders. If you are a new seller?


How long is a piece of string?

If you enter random names into the search function and look at sellers’ profiles, you’ll see that some got orders very quickly; others had to wait a while; a few unlucky ones never got orders.

Even an average is impossible to work out. All niches vary considerably in regards to size and competition. Seller ability also varies wildly.


Well !! I can’t tell you exactly how long is a piece of string :stuck_out_tongue:

So according to you i have to wait …


Hopefully not, but it’s possible you might have to. :slight_smile:

One tip that might help you achieve success more quickly is to add a little more to your profile and your Gigs. Your profile is missing a tagline, which makes it look a little bare. Also, you have only one example of a logo you’ve designed. More examples of well-designed logos would help encourage buyers to take a chance on you.


@ahmwritingco Thank you so Much. Appreciated


Any time! Good luck.


Buyers will not come to your gig. You have to bring them.
Suppose your gig is in the search result, so to make the client click on your gig and land to your profile, you have to make the gig cover image and title so attractive & professional that they are forced to click on your gig. Psychology you know :wink: .

If you’re targeting buyer requests, then the same applies as before, you have to make the buyer interested in you & your service. And the same goes for social medias.

If you just create gigs and relax, you may never get any order. So bite the bullet and go, bring some client, create the desire in their mind to order your gig.
Best of luck.