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How long it takes to get your first order?

i am curious i don’t get any order yet i joined four days ago

It took me several weeks to get my first order.

Reply to @yourhighness: till you got what did you kept doing with your gigs ? did you keep edit them again and again or what?

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Great to hear, but please tell us, what were you doing before your first order.


it took me 14 days but luckily the customer ordered for several gigs for like 13 gigs at the same time ,so just wait and modify your gigs everyday until they are perfect.

Reply to @asiscreations: can you please check my gigs and let me know my mistakes?

I got my first order a few days after adding my first gig. It really depends on what you’re selling. In my experience new logo gigs don’t sell that good here on fiverr. I had one up for a few weeks but decided to take it down. No buyers, and I think I got maybe 3 favorites total, which is lower than my other ones were.

This is because a few reasons:

  1. There’s too much competition. With dozens of dozens of almost identical gigs, it’s hard to stand out.
  2. No matter how you look at it a logo is worth more than $5, unless you’re using a template. Most logo gigs aren’t trusted because of this reason.
  3. If you are using templates or other designs, you can guarantee your gig won’t sell.

    So, looking at your profile the first thing I noticed is that you have 6 gigs all offering logo designs. This looks extremely suspicious and no one is going to buy from you after seeing that. The second thing I noticed, is that at least some of your design examples aren’t 100% unique, because I recognized them.

    The bottom line: You can expect those gigs to not sell for a very long time, if at all. You may get lucky, but I’d suggest looking into another possible gig idea. But, if you really want to do logo gigs, only use unique designs, and don’t have 6 identical ones.

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seems like you have not checked out accounts of best sellers,resd their descriptions,check their gigs and then start it properly,so many gigs wont work,if ayou have one gig with a strong portfolio that for will work bro.

Reply to @asiscreations: i tried bro but honestly i found a lot of thefted work as their gigs i also can put attractive pictures but i will prefer to put my own work

Due to recent events here at the forum right away I noticed several logos that I believe might belong to other designers.

If so, I suggest you to remove them right away and replace them with your

own unique designs, and that is my best advice to you.

If you are honest with your work and put time and effort into it, you will get sales.

Reply to @samad_designs: Reply to @bookmarking44: You have to focus on your gigs. So that when people did see my gig, they would realize the value of it. Value should be your number 1 priority. Look at your competition and see what they are offering, then tailor your gig to give the customer a better value than your competition. This is what helped me when I started on Fiverr. It took a long time and a lot of extra work for little money, but I stuck with it.

Reply to @zeus777: sure please mention which gigs designs you found which belong to others i will replace them

Reply to @samad_designs:

I am not saying to display some google here, i wanted to say that it does not matter how much can you do , it depends on how professionally you represent your work either you are a master of design or newbie. presentation depends lad. read out stuff and try to represent like a pro here.

Reply to @zeus777: here these all are my sold gigs which i sold on other market place that is why i put them here

The first order took about one month!

And, i am yet to get my first order. After the break.

Hey Fiverr forum,

I guess I got lucky then as the first day I created my very first gig I got an order and just received a 5 star rating with the promise of future orders :slight_smile: (3 favorites so far)

Really looking forward to more orders as I’m convinced my gig offers quite some value for money :slight_smile:

Best Regards,


My 1st order came on the 7th day after creating my Fiverr account and gigs. :slight_smile:

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Are you friends with Mathias Temmen?

Did you change your profile picture to a borrowed one? The picture I see on the profile for your username is all over Google images.